Finally starting a few new hobbies!!!

Amazing color for a sunset view of my balcony
Amazing color for a sunset view of my balcony

New hobbies for a new me

After a long time I finally found a little time and energy to start a couple of hobbies. One is photography and the other is learning about decoupage! I hope I will be able to fit in some time for walking or other physical activity as well!

Another beautiful sunset

1. Photography – first steps

Photography is really an amazing hobby! It is much more complicated than one would think, especially if you want to get off auto mode. But I am at the beginning and who knows, maybe I’ll end up discovering my talent!


toy cars
A few fun, colorful toy cars

The most difficult thing is to switch to manual mode where you have to decide about depth of field, iso settings and shutterspeed, among other things. Getting your head around all these settings, when to use what and how your camera works is really not easy, especially if all you can do is reading about it online, whitout some kind of seminar. But, as most sites do point out, the most important thing to do is to shoot many, many, MANY pictures, so you can learn. Another fact I was suprised by, is the amount of photo editing most people are doing in order to get the best results! I mean, it sometimes takes more time to edit than it took to actually get the shoot done! But the results are amazing!!! You can see more on my profile at flickr here!

amazing sunset_227.JPG
The sky and it’s amazing clouds at sunset

2. Decoupage – first lesson

As for decoupage, I just had my first lesson a few days again and it was really fun! Although I am not the biggest fan of vintage look, I really loved how an ordinary item could be transformed in a couple of hours and while having a good time, too! The first item we did was a plain plate and allthough it isn’t perfect, I believe it’s a great first attempt! I am looking forward to learning more about this technique! To add to the fun, my little daughter came with me and she is such a great companion! She even helped gluing a butterfly image to the plate. I will share a photo as soon as I’ll be able to make one. The process is really easy to understand, and I think with a little practice and some imagination, the options are limitless! The next lesson will be about decorating a bottle! Can’t wait!

So, hopefully I will be able to do a lot more photography and decoupage project to write about and share from now on. It is difficult to manage everything, day job, family and home!!!


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